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Medical transport

Recognizing the lack, i.e. the complete absence of medical transport on the territory of the Republic of Croatia, the Air Pannonia company has decided to invest in medical equipment and also obtain the certificate for the medical transport of patients and organs.

Save one life you're a Hero. Save 100 lives,you're a Air Pannonia

We provide transport for patients to treatment in a fast, organized and safe way. Depending on the patients’ needs and condition, our certified medical staff can also accompany them. We also have necessary equipment for organ transportation, which means we often participate in saving human lives…

Stretcher + 3 passenger seats

We can provide nurses and doctors, depending on the type and condition of a patient. Besides transport from one airport to another, we also offer the „bed to bed“ option.

We are using the new Lifeport system

The equipment consists of a bed, heart rate monitor, recovery system with oxygen, suction and air, and all the necessary equipment for medical transport …

Transport of human organs and vaccines

When transporting human organs and vaccines we use the C26 Fiochetti portable refrigerator equipped with a digital electronic thermostat …


Air Pannonia holds all the certificates and licenses necessary for quality work.