Sample test

The sample test is under .ZIP archive, please donwload and uncompress archive.

Instructions for the candidates

Before testing, the candidate has the opportunity to get familiarized with the test.

There are two options:

The candidate can do his own research on the test and exam patterns in order to prepare for taking the test. On the Internet website under the section ICAO ENGLISH PROFICIENCY TEST, the potential candidates can find test examples with answers, and also apply for the test by filling out the APPLICATION FORM.

The other option is to come personally to the Pannonia Pilot School language proficiency center where a candidate can fill out the APPLICATION FORM and TEST RESULT FORM after the following steps:

The test administrator will demonstrate the test to the candidate with test examples found on the computers installed in the student resting room. After trying out a sample test, the candidate can listen to their speech recording. If a candidate decides to take the test, the test administrator will present him with the rules, and also give instructions on taking the test. After the candidate has filled out the application form and test result form, the test administrator prepares and checks the computer with the test, and also chooses a test for the candidate. Before the candidate takes the test, the test administrator will check a binder named FILES, ARCHIVE and PASSED EXAM FILE to see whether the candidate has already taken a test in the Pannonia Pilot School language proficiency center. Just before taking the test, the test invigilator will take a photograph of the candidate.

Regarding the structure of the test, the test administrator explains to the candidate that the test taken on a computer consists of two parts: the first one is not graded, but the candidate provides information about himself, like his name, nationality and operational experience – and the second part, which is graded. After that, the test administrator starts the test, and the test invigilator starts up the recording software. Both test administrator and the invigilator are present throughout the entire test.

The test is taken under the direct supervision of test invigilator and test administrator. The candidate is faced with a computer program and responds orally to questions, when required. When taking the test on computer, which lasts approx. 45 minutes, the candidate uses computer mouse, headphones, and also pen and paper received after arriving to the test site. The entire process, i.e. oral replies of the candidates are recorded onto the hard drive of the computer used during the test. Since the test administrator is familiar with the test structure, he can provide technical assistance to the candidate. The candidates must not bring their own pens to the testing room, nor papers, food and drinks, devices and aids, or any other things that could disrupt the testing process.

After the candidate completes the first part of the test that is carried out on a computer, the test evaluator enters the room and spends 10-15 minute talking to the candidate. The oral part also includes the use two pictures. The entire interview is recorded, continuing after the previous recording of the first part of the test.

Following the test, the test administrator will inform the candidate about the score release date, and also about the time limit for appeal.

Also, after the test, the test administrator will send the audio file to the test evaluator’s email address, as well as the report on the candidate’s language proficiency, and his registration code and test number, and ultimately receive the very same form filled out by the test evaluator.

In case the test evaluators provide different results, the test administrator will send all of the above materials to the third evaluator. If the rest results are the same, the test administrator will fill out the application and test result forms, and store them in the candidate’s folder.
If the grade is satisfactory (level 4 or above), the test administrator issues a certificate to the candidate, and the copy of the same certificate is sent to CCAA.
If a candidate gives up during the test or does not respect the rules and instructions, the test administrator will stop the test immediately. Such procedure will be considered as a test failure, and will be noted as such, and will be stored in the „Failures“ folder along with the application form and the audio recording.

Each candidate applies for the test at the testing center in which he is planning to take it. The application form is given to the test administrator appointed by the PANNONIA PILOT SCHOOL.
Candidate must be familiar with the request for the revaluation of language proficiency. The intervals of evaluation of language proficiency, according to the Appendix 1 JAR-FCL 1.010, paragraph 3 should not exceed:

a) 3 years if the acquired degree of language proficiency is the so-called Operational degree (Level 4) according to the ICAO standards; or
b) 6 years if the acquired degree of language proficiency is the so-called Extended degree (Level 5) according to the ICAO standards; or
c) lifetime if the acquired degree of language proficiency is the so-called Expert degree (Level 6) according to the ICAO standards.

PANNONIA PILOT SCHOOL is offering services of acquiring a degree of language proficiency for aviation English to its clients. Those services in particular refer to the verification that the candidate is ICAO Level 4-or-higher qualified, which is the minimum standard for flying international routes.

Checklist for candidates

This is a language proficiency test for aviation English.

It consists of several parts, and once it begins, it goes continuously.

The first part is carried out on a computer, while the second part is in the form of a face-to-face interview conducted by the evaluator.

Before taking the test, you have the opportunity to try out the sample test, and if you decide to take it, you have to fill out the application form, as well as the test result form.

The first part of the test is carried out on a computer, with the use of headphones, microphone and a computer mouse.

When you are ready to take the test, the test invigilator will prepare the computer and the program. The test administrator will then run the test and once it begins, three icons will appear on the screen: Listen, Take notes and Speak. Once the Listen icon lights up, you need to listen to the voice on the headphones. When the Take notes icon lights up, the test program advises you to note the information you will need to be able to repeat when the program ask you so. Ultimately, when the Speak icon lights up, you need to answer the question or repeat the transmission, but only when the countdown clock in the upper right corner triggers the countdown.

After each completed part, the test administrator will move onto the next one.

Upon completion of the first testing phase on a computer, the test evaluator will enter the room and conduct an interview with you, which will be recorded for the purpose of later evaluation.

The interview is conducted face-to-face and lasts approx. 10-15 minutes. During the interview you will be required to communicate, which the evaluator will encourage by his questions and subquestions.

The interview is divided into three parts, depending on the types of questions.

In the first part the evaluator will ask a personal question regarding your education, workplace, experience, motivation etc.

The second part will require of you to reply to a question, and also talk about a topic related to your job, especially the non-routine situations such as emergencies, bad weather conditions, aviation safety etc.

Ultimately, in the third part, the evaluator will show you a picture representing a usual situation in aviation, and also a picture representing an emergency or safety situation. You will be required to describe what you see or reply to questions related to the shown pictures.

Have in mind that it is essential to maintain the fluidity of speech during an interview, and not hesitate or stutter during replies, since any silence could be interpreted as lack of understanding or ability to express yourself in English.

The Student Room in the center is also a waiting room, a room for sampling tests and also a room where you can read instructions for taking a test.

The room where test is conducted is the Exam Room. It is forbidden to bring in any food to the exam room or drinks, electric devices, owned pencils, communication devices, owned headphones, microphones, or any other things that could disrupt other candidate’s testing process, or could enable the misuse of test.

Before taking the test try to relax and not think of any other problems!

Appeal procedure

Each candidate needs to be familiarized with the appeal procedure before taking the test.

The candidates have right to access the information regarding appeal procedure in order to prepare before taking the test, and that information can be found on the website under the section ICAO English proficiency.

Before taking the test, the candidate will be questioned about the familiarity with the appeal procedure.

Another option offered to the candidate is that before taking the test on the appeal procedure is to read the checklist found in the waiting room at the test center.

Each candidate has the right to file an appeal, and can email it to the official email address within 14 days from taking the test.

In case that an appeal was filed within 14 days, the PANNONIA PILOT SCHOOL (Air Tractor d.o.o.) has an internal appeal system within the third evaluator re-evaluates the test again, while not being aware of the appeal process, which means he is evaluating the test like it is the first time.

If the third evaluator confirms the grade, i.e. the degree awarded by the first two evaluators, the initial decision will be held valid and the degree is accordingly awarded. However, in the case that the third evaluator does not agree with the results of the first evaluation, his decision will be decisive and define the final result of the test. If the candidate is awarded a degree below the Operative one (level 4) or the appeal procedure confirms such result, the candidate has right to retake the exam after two months.

To those candidates, the staff of the PANNONIA PILOT SCHOOL assigned for testing language proficiency will, as a sign of good will, help them by trying to find another organization where they could improve their English language skills related to aviation. Also, the same staff will explain to the candidate which parts of the tests were subpar, and why he was not assigned the Operative degree level 4.

The appeal will be rejected for the candidates who blame „bad day“ or „nervousness“, since everyone is expected to communicate in operational experience, regardless of having a bad day or being nervous. However, appeals will be considered in the cases of candidates who have, e.g. suffered a family tragedy several days before taking the test, or the ones who are ill on the day of the test.

Each candidate will be notified about the results of the appeal procedure via email.

Audio sample of a candidates’ test, procedure and an example of an interactive interview…

Documentation on testing

All language proficiency tests intended for testing one’s capability of oral expression and which include interaction between a candidate and examiner will be recorded on audio or video media.

Since the aviation language proficiency is an essential issue, it is important that the organizations conducting the exams store audio or video documentation of all oral exams.

The documentation on testing is a form of security in the case of subjective evaluation and injustice.

Such documentation enables:

a) reevaluation or evaluation by some other evaluator in the case of uncertainty or an appeal; and
b) confirmation of the evaluation in the case that the candidate or their employer files an appeal.

Information about each candidate will be stored in a specific folder in the archive, and it will contain the name, the abbreviation of their country and the candidate’s number, e.g. PETAR MATIC CRO-0001, on a laptop on which the candidate took the test. After the test is finished, the test administrator will copy all files onto the external hard drive, and burn them to a DVD which will be archived in a fireproof safe at the address Jablanova 21, 31000 Osijek.

The following will be archived in each candidate’s map:

– scanned Applicant Registration and Assessment Form
– scanned Applicant Language Proficiency Report
– audio recording of the test
– digital photograph of a candidate
– appeal procedure (if there was one)
– the copy of the certificate (if the overall result is above level 3)

Hard copy of this file will be stored in an appropriate way. The data will be stored outside the testing room and only authorized personnel will have access to candidates’ data as well as their test results. The cabinet with the datawill be locked and safe from any possible misuse.

Test administrator has the responsibility to take care that the cabinet is locked and secure from any possible misuse. At the request of the candidate, the test administrator can explain and demonstrate the way documents are filed and kept, in order to convince the candidate in the security of their data.

Test documents: kept for the period of: (years)

Personal file of a candidate with the level 4 degree (4)
Personal file of a candidate with the level 5 degree (7)
Personal file of a candidate with the level 6 degree (indefinite)
Schedule, monthly planner (2)
Evidence on issued certificates (10)
Failed tests (5)

Test evaluation: kept for the period of: (years)
Test evaluation report (10)
Test evaluation statement (10)

The above documents will be stored for the minimum period of the license validity.

Safety measures
Air Tractor d.o.o. and the language proficiency center take care of data protection and security measures.

PANNONIA PILOT SCHOOL will keep the documents safe in a locked and secured cabinet outside of the testing room, in which all data on candidates and their test results will be kept, and only authorized personnel will have access to that cabinet.

The test administrator is the authorized person.

The confidentiality of test results is a key measure which controls the influence of language assessment on a pilot’s career and passengers’ safety.

Security policy

All information about the candidates is stored in a secured cabinet in the company.

Only the test administrator has the key and access to that cabinet.

The PANNONIA PILOT SCHOOL will ensure the supervision and maintain the building security day and night with the help of the security service. Aside from that, the PANNONIA PILOT SCHOOL has installed a security camera which monitors the entrance to the room containing the cabinet. The camera is equipped with a hard drive that uploads all recorded video to a secure internet server. In the case of potential data theft, the PANNONIA PILOT SCHOOL can easily prove it with the recorded video.

Upon completion of the test, the test administrator will copy all the data onto the hard drive and in that way all of those files will be automatically locked. The external hard drive is protected in a way that each file or folder can work only on the laptop on which the test was taken, or on the test administrator’s laptop.

In the case someone tries copying files onto another computer, the system is designed in such way that the Windows OS automatically crashes. When the test administrator decides to burn the data to a DVD, that data must be copied directly from the external hard drive, and not copy them onto the computer’s hard drive.

If a candidate tries to copy the test or software onto a flash drive, the system is designed to automatically crash the Windows OS on their computer. That is the reason why we have back-up software in order to revert the test back into its previous state.

In addition, there are other necessary security measures in order to stop irregularities during the test:

– all communication among the candidates is strictly forbidden;
– all communication between the candidates and third parties during the test is strictly forbidden (e.g. via mobile phones);
– all attendance of third parties is strictly forbidden;
– using false identity is strictly forbidden.

The test administrator is obliged to store all the burned DVDs in a fireproof safe at the address Jablanova 21, 31000 Osijek. That safe is fireproof for two hours, and can withhold the maximum temperature for 35 minutes.

Appying for exam – IMPORTANT

Once a candidate applies for the test, it is possible to move the test date if there are free dates available, but no later than three days before the test, while the missed deadline is charged as if the candidate has taken the test.

We are forced to do so because of the seat reservation and the fact that some other candidate is blocked from taking the exam, parallel with the amount of testing we have to do.

All candidates who applied for the test and did not take it, will receive an invoice to their home address.

If a candidate does not pay the amount for the required currency – payment period, they will be charged interest rates in accordance with the applicable laws of the Republic of Croatia.



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