Air Pannonia Ltd. is in accordance with the “General  Data Protection Regulation“ (EU), Nr. 2016/679 obliged to protect its customer’s personal data by collecting only the necessary and basic data about its customers needed to carry out our obligations, such as to inform the customers about the way of using the collected data, to offer them a choice on how this data will be used including the possibility for the customer to decide about removing his/her data from the list used for marketing campaigns. All customer data will be kept confidential and will be available only to the employees who need the data in order to do their job. All employees and partners of Air Pannonia Ltd have the responsibility to comply with the privacy protection principles.

Collecting and using data

Air Pannonia Ltd. respects and protects your privacy. When providing the requested service and information about our services only the data given with your consent will be used. We oblige ourselves not to sell, reveal or give any information to the third parties in the way that is not stated in this Privacy Policy.


In order to make a reservation or send an inquiry on this web page, the user has to be registered by filling in the registration form. During the registration the user will be asked to give his/her contact data (name and e-mail address). The mentioned information will be used for the purpose of contacting the customer in order to answer his questions put on our web page or for the purpose of providing security of the customer’s privacy during control of his/her reservation status or input or change of data.


Payment data (for example bank card number, etc.) is protected by security protocols of the highest level and will be available only to banks or card houses for the purpose of payment authorisation.


Links to some other web pages may be found on this web page. Please take into consideration that Air Pannonia Ltd. cannot be responsible for privacy protection on the mentioned web pages.  Therefore, we remind our customers to read the Privacy Policy on every web page that collects personal data. This Privacy Policy refers only to the data collected on the web page of Air Pannonia Ltd.


In case that a customer wants to subscribe for receiving our special Air Pannonia Ltd. newsletter, the user will be asked to give his/her contact information such as his/her name and e-mail address. On our web page the user can subscribe on our mailing list, and by doing so he/she gives his/her consent that his/her e-mail address can be used for personal data processing. Air Pannonia Ltd. uses the personal data only for sending the personalized newsletters.  The user can unsubscribe from the personalized newsletter at any time. After unsubscribe we will not send our newsletter any more. The customer can unsubscribe at any time and free of charge. The customer can require that all his/her personal data shall be removed from the mailing list. The request can be submitted personally, by mail or e-mail on:


Access to all data about our customers, not only to the above mentioned and confidential data, is limited. The access to confidential data is accessible only to the employees who use the data required in order to provide certain service. For all other questions about security on our web page, please feel free to contact us by sending an e-mail at:

Special offer

You may occasionally receive information about our services and special offers or newsletter. As we respect the privacy of our customers, we offer you the possibility to reject receiving any kind of the previously mentioned information at any time.

Corrections and updating personal data

In case that our customer’s personal data (for example post code, etc.) changes, or if the customer does not want to receive our service any more, we offer the possibility to correct, update or remove his/her personal data we have. This can be done via e-mail at

Notice about changes

In case we decide to change our regulations concerning privacy policy, we will provide information about that on our web page, so that our users can be familiarized with the data collection procedure and the way we use the collected information. If we at any time decide to use personal data in other way than stated when the data was given to us, we will inform our user about these changes via e-mail. The users will thereupon be given the possibility to either approve or deny the usage of their personal data in the new way. The data will be used in accordance with the privacy policy regulations valid at the moment of collecting the data.


Data protection controller

Air Pannonia Ltd. with its registered head office in Jablanova 21, 31 000 Osijek, Croatia, is the data protection controller of your personal data.

The Privacy Policy applies to all personal data of our customers that we collect and process, directly or indirectly through our partners.

Personal data is every piece of information referring to a private person whose identity is or can be identified directly or indirectly. Data processing is any activity performed on personal data, such as collecting, keeping record, using, having insight into or sending personal data. This policy does not apply to anonymous data. An anonymous data is any data that cannot be connected to a private person.

Data we collect

Personal data: name and surname, address, phone number, e-mail address, date of birth, ID-number, passport number, personal identification number

Aim of collecting data

Sale of VIP and business flights – Air Pannonia Ltd. forwards the collected personal data of its customers to responsible authorities: police, customs office and dispatch service in order to ensure security of air traffic and the booked flight.

Providing personal data in order to make a contract is an obligatory and if the required information is not given by the customer, this can have an effect on realization of the contract or even hinder it.

Customer support and marketing – for reply to inquiries or giving news and offers

Air Pannonia Ltd. collects personal data and can use them in order to provide support to its customers, to reply to the customer’s inquiries or complaints and to estimate which news and offers might be relevant and interesting to a particular client in order to be able to offer the client specific service in accordance with his/her interests.

Transfer to third parties

Personal data can be transferred to third parties, under condition that there is legal basis for that.

Your personal data can be transferred to the following:

  • For realization of the by contract engaged flight for the aim of air traffic security, we will share client’s personal data with the authorities, the police and customs as well as dispatch service.
  • State institutions on their demand in order to gain insight due to processing or realization of rights of Air Pannonia Ltd due to disrespecting the contract on providing service.
  • Company Mailchimp that professionally deals with automatic marketing messages, i.e. newsletters.


How long do we retain your data

Personal data will be kept and processed only as long as needed in order to be used for legitimate purposes, except if the current regulations do not prescribe longer time for keeping records. The least time is duration of the contract between the user and Air Pannonia Ltd.

In case you give the consent for marketing, we will keep your data as long as the consent is not withdrawn. In case of rejected offers, when there was not given consent for marketing, we keep the data referring to that offer for one year, and in case you ask us to delete the data, this will be done immediately.

Personal data that is no longer needed will be made anonymous or destroyed in a safe way.

Where do we keep your personal data

All the data are kept on several media:

  • data used for marketing purposes: on Air Pannonia Ltd. user account and leased within the page Mailchimp
  • data about the user as our customer: on the leased part of the company providing space on the web
  • recording of the surveillance camera – on the server of video surveillance within the network of Air Pannonia Ltd.

Air Pannonia Ltd. keeps its local servers in the Republic of Croatia in the company rooms of Air Pannonia.

Access and change of data

User can at any time get the information about the data that Air Pannonia Ltd. has filed by sending an inquiry via e-mail address

We will be able to respond to your inquiry only in case your inquiry has been sent from an active e-mail that is recorded in our software with correct data of e-mail (name and surname, user’s phone number) in order to protect you from exposing your personal data to some third party.

Right to be forgotten concerning the user’s personal data

User has the right to ask for deletion of his personal data at any time. This can be done by sending in a request on and the data will be deleted without delay except in case there is some law requirement for keeping the records, a legitimate interest and basis for realization of your legal rights.

We will be able to respond to your inquiry only in case your inquiry has been sent from an active e-mail that is recorded in our software with correct data of e-mail (name and surname, user’s phone number) in order to protect you from exposing your personal data to some third party.

Right to object

If you despite all the undertaken measures for protection of your personal data still think that you have some grounds to object, please feel free to contact us on

Security measures for protection of personal data

We take data protection very seriously and use advanced technologies to protect all your data. We also take reasonable measures of data protection, but we cannot guarantee the protection of data transferred from or to Internet. Therefore, we are not responsible for information received in such way by third parties. Air Pannonia Ltd. saves data in the EU.

Privacy Policy can be changed by Air Pannonia Ltd. at any time by publishing the changed version of the text of the Privacy Policy on web pages of Air Pannonia Ltd. Therefore, we invite our users to take a look at this Policy and check the highlighted new changes, if there have been any. If a user is not compliant with this Privacy Policy we advise him/her to leave and not use the web page Changes in Privacy Policy come into effect immediately after publishing on the web page Further usage of our web page by the user after a new change that comes into effect means that the user is compliant with our Privacy Policy.

Rules on dealing with cookies

Cookie is data which a web page saves into computer or mobile phone of a user. Cookies enable the web page to memorize activities of the user while visiting the web page.  Most of the viewers allow use of cookies, but the user can at any time delete the cookies or enable the use of cookies in the viewer setting. The most common reasons for using cookies are identification of users, memorizing his/her preferences, help by entering or viewing content that had already been visited or viewed earlier, gathering data for analysis or marketing campaigns,  in order to provide better service to users.

By using cookies certain data is being collected from your computer automatically when you visit the web page. These data may include your IP address, date and time of access, data on the type of computer, operating system, the browser you use, versions of programmes and language settings you use. When accessing the web page you will notice a note about using cookies that collect the previously mentioned data and by clicking “I agree” you give your consent for collection of these data. If you do not give your consent,  these data will not be collected, saved and processed.

Cookies can be Session cookies – they are being saved on computer and are being erased immediately after closing the viewer and enable the web page collection of temporary data like shopping bag or comments.

Persistent cookies – they stay on computer after closing the viewer or turning off the computer, but have time limit. Air Pannonia Ltd. uses this type of cookies in order to make the access of users easier, which is evident when the user comes back to the web pages of Air Pannonia Ltd.

Cookies from the first page that come from the web page you have visited can be temporary or persistent. Such cookies enable the web page to save data that are used when the user visits the page again. Cookies from the third parties are the ones that come from outside services which save limited cookies for the user (Facebook, Instagram, Google analytics, AdWords etc.)

If you decide not to allow cookies from Air Pannonia Ltd., it may happen that you will not be able to use certain functions on our web page.

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