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The Osijek company Air Pannonia is the only one in Croatia to have three JETs

As of this weekend, the Osijek company Air Pannonia is the only one in Croatia that owns three JET aircraft. With two smaller comfortable passenger class jets, Air Pannonia expanded its fleet with the Cessna Citation, which landed at Osijek Airport shortly before noon on Saturday, Radio Osijek reports. The family-owned company has been in aviation for 28 years, said Zrinka Vlašić Kujundžija, who is in charge of the company’s marketing: “Today is a special day for our company because we have become the only ones in Croatia to have three JETs in their fleet. Otherwise, these aircraft are used to transport Vip passengers and transport organs. In addition to transporting passengers, we have our own service, we do pilot training, we test pilots, that is, we deal with all segments of aviation “. Vlašić Kujundžija adds that the family is proud of their school: “Many pilots from Croatia and the world have passed through our school, and I am glad to say that pilots from all over the country work in a Slavonian company.” In addition to three JETs, the company also has several smaller training aircraft and Antonov, known to fellow citizens as a “mosquito-dusting plane.” Co-owner of the company, director of flight operations and captain Krešimir Vlašić said that the latest Air Pannonia aircraft arrived from the United Kingdom: only 4,200 flight hours, which is very little in aviation jargon. ” “It passed a detailed inspection by an authorized aircraft manufacturer, where, you wouldn’t believe, it cost 250 thousand euros and brought it into a really good condition and almost as if it were new,” Vlasic added. He noted that in the current corona crisis, practically the only available form of traffic remained because commercial flights were unavailable: “On the one hand, this gave us an advantage, but one negative thing happened. People who flew business class expected that for that money they would also fly a private plane which is not possible. However, our workload increased, but the salary remained the same because the price of labor, ie the hour of the plane, dropped. But well, let’s move on, we can’t complain if you watch everything else that’s going on, we really can’t complain and we can be happy because we ended last year with 1,500 hours of raids. ” In addition to the new aircraft, the Vlašić family also presented the newly renovated and expanded service area and aircraft hangar located in the area of ​​Osijek Airport.