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Air Pannonia strengthened its fleet with a new business aircraft

Air Pannonia from Osijek has strengthened its air fleet with a new business aircraft. After two CJ aircraft with license plates 9A-JIM, and CJ2 with license plates 9A-JIP, the third one arrived because it turned out that customers prefer to choose flights with CJ2.

It is, therefore, a new aircraft Cessna Citation 525A-CJ2, registration number 9A-JET, which made Air Pannonia the only company in Croatia that owns three JETs. The aircraft is one of the most comfortable in this class, and it arrived from the United Kingdom. Given that the demand for CJ2 flights has increased, the Vlašić family has increased its air capacity.

Demand for air travel services is growing

Air Pannonia is now a recognizable brand in the European and wider market, so it is not surprising that by further expanding and investing in fleet expansion. Their regular customers are people from the business world, the world of sports, as well as show business, who have a constant need for services Air Pannonia .

In addition to the previous three aircraft, they are proud of the new arrangement and expansion of service capacity and hangar at Klisa Airport, where they organized the ceremonial arrival of new aircraft.

About Air Pannonia

Air Pannonia is a sister company of Air Tractor, which has a 28-year tradition of aviation. The company is family-owned and the only company in Croatia that deals with all segments of aviation (pilot training, service, English language testing of pilots, medical organ transport and of course VIP transport of business users).