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Dangerous goods

Dangerous goods are articles or substances which are capable of posing a risk to health, safety, property or the environment and which are shown in the list of dangerous goods in the  Technical Instructions or which are classified according to those Instructions.

Many common items used every day in the home or workplace may seem harmless but when
transported by air can be very dangerous. In flight, variations in temperature and pressure can cause items to leak, generate toxic fumes or start a fire.
In general, dangerous goods are prohibited in luggage or in baggage. There are, however, certain exceptions for personal care, medical needs, sporting equipment, and items to support physically disabled passengers.

Part 8 of the Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air (ICAO Doc 9284–AN/905), 2015-2016 Edition, in which are prescribed provisions for dangerous goods carried by passengers or crew, has been significantly amended.

Provisions of the Technical Instructions shall be applicable for all international and domestic civil aircraft operations in accordance with provisions of the Dangerous Goods Transport Act and Ordinance on terms and conditions for transport of dangerous goods by air.

It should be noted that in accordance with security requirements some of the items (liquids, aerosols and gels) are now subject to more restrictive quantity limitations when carried in carry-on baggage from those specified in Part 8 of the Technical Instructions.

If you intend to carry one or more of the items that require the approval of the operator(s), please contact your airline(s) prior to your intended travel day. Airlines reserve the right not to accept any particular article for carriage.

Chapter 1


Parts of this Chapter are affected by State Variations US 15;
1.1.1 Except as otherwise provided in 1.1.2, dangerous goods, including excepted packages of radioactive material, must not be carried by passengers or crew members, either as or in carry-on baggage or checked baggage or on their person, security type equipment such as attaché cases, cash boxes, cash bags, etc., incorporating dangerous goods, for example lithium batteries or pyrotechnic
material, are totally forbidden; Personal medical oxygen devices that utilize liquid oxygen are forbidden either as or in carry-on baggage or checked baggage or on the person. Electroshock weapons (e.g. tasers) containing dangerous goods such as explosives, compressed gases, lithium batteries, etc., are forbidden
in carry-on baggage or checked baggage or on the person.

1.1.2 Notwithstanding any additional restrictions which may be implemented by States in the interests of aviation security, except for the incident reporting provisions of 7;4.4 or 7;4.5, as applicable, the provisions of these Instructions do not apply to the dangerous goods listed when carried by passengers or crew members or in baggage that has been separated from its owner during transit (e.g. lost baggage or improperly routed baggage) or in excess baggage carried as cargo as permitted by 1; g):

1.1.3 Any organization or enterprise other than an operator (such as a travel agent), involved in the air transport of passengers, should provide passengers with information about the types of dangerous goods which they are forbidden to transport aboard an aircraft. This information should consist of, as a minimum, notices at those locations where there is an interface with the passengers.

1.1.4 Where provision is made for the purchase of tickets via the Internet, information on the types of dangerous goods which a passenger is forbidden to transport aboard an aircraft should be provided in either text or pictorial form and should be such that ticket purchase cannot be completed until the passenger, or a person acting on their
behalf, has indicated that they have understood the restrictions on dangerous goods in baggage.

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Dangerous Goods:


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